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SilverLife Canadian Ginseng Slices

Canadian Ginseng (also known asà North American Ginsengscientific name is Panax quinquefolius, , the name is often called Canada ginseng, discovered in the jungles of Canada in 1714.

SilverLife Canadian Ginseng Slices by 100% authentic Canadian ginseng Imported Ontario, Canada. Ontario is home to and supplies 85% of Canadian ginseng to the world market. Canadian Ginseng slices are very convenient to use.

SilverLife Canadian Ginseng Slices

Công Dụng Của Nhân Sâm Canada

According to Traditional Medicine

Canadian Ginseng is used to improve health and support the treatment of some common diseases today.

 - Pneumonia, bronchitis

People with this disease the body of yin, fire-being usually manifested as: hot soles and hands, productive cough. To be able to completely treat this disease every day use 5 - 10 grams of Canadian ginseng slices cooked into a drinking ginseng tea. The dose of ginseng used gradually for the body to adapt and absorb the best initially should only be from 1 to 2 grams then gradually increase.

- Cancer

Cancer is one of the four most dangerous diseases of humanity today that can only be treated with radiation therapy. Using radiation therapy to treat cancer, cause a lot of side effects. Canadian Ginseng is effective in reducing side effects brought about by radiation therapy.

For Canadian ginseng to have the best effect, before half a month when starting treatment with radiotherapy use 5 to 10 grams of Canadian ginseng slices to cook tea daily.

- Health Improvement Effects

People who are seriously ill or who are recovering from illness can use Canadian ginseng to cook drinking ginseng tea daily. Some dishes can be processed such as ginseng tea, ginseng chicken stew, ...
SilverLife Canadian Ginseng Slices

* According to Modern Medicine

The main ingredients of Canadian ginseng are saponins and panaquilon.

According to modern scientific studies, Canadian ginseng can bring very good health benefits.

  • Reduce Stress - neurasthenia
  • Increased Endurance - The Endurance Of The Body
  • Regulates Cardiovascular Activity
  • Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar
  • Strengthens The Body's Immune System Against Some Common Diseases

How to Use Ginseng Slice

Canadian ginseng slices can be used to cook daily drinking ginseng tea, used to cook ginseng tea, ginseng chicken, ...

Dosage using Canadian ginseng should be from low to high so that the body can adapt and absorb the best.

The cycle of using Canadian ginseng is from 2 to 3 weeks, followed by a 1 to 2 week break.

Where To Buy Canadian Ginseng Slices?

Canadian ginseng has many good health benefits, so the demand to buy Canadian ginseng is very high. Many places use fake ginseng, ginseng poor quality, fake Canadian ginseng sold in the market to make a lot of profit. So when you want to buy quality Canadian ginseng, you need to find a reputable supplier to buy.

SilverLife Canadian Ginseng Slice box 50 gr

SilverLife's SilverLife is a brand that supplies authentic Canadian ginseng imported from Ontarrio, Canada khẩu từ Ontario, Canada.

Hotline: 0909.609.374 (Zalo)

Address: No. 21 - No Trang Long Street - Ward 7 - Binh Thanh District - HCMC

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