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Canadian Ginseng also known as North American Ginseng (American Ginseng- ginseng is grown and developed in North America as in Canada, USA, but in Ontario - Canada, the quality of the ginseng grown has the best value.

Feature And Classification Of SilverLife Whole Dried Canadian Ginseng

* Features of Dried Canadian Ginseng:

Premium SilverLife Canadian Ginseng
  • Whole dried Canadian Ginseng stem color is brown / light brown, inside is light yellow. The texture of the whole dried ginseng (most of the roots grown in Canada are dried after harvesting to store them for a long time) is quite rough and slightly wrinkled, cylindrical, the bark has a prominent, horizontal ring, lumpy, prominent tuberous rim on head.
  • Typical scent, sweet taste, slightly bitter.
  • Dried ginseng in Canada is usually about 2.5 to 10 centimeters in length, each dried ginseng root weighs 8 grams - 45 grams.

SilverLife's isleading brand in importing and supplying dried Canadian ginseng products in Vietnam. We are committed to supplying premium ginseng, best quality and imported from Ontario - Canada - The famous land growing ginseng around the world.

The total ginsenoside level of panax quinquefolius was grown in different locations

Source: OGGA

In addition to ginsenoside, the analysis shows that ginseng root contains 8-12% protein, 0.3-1.2% fat, 67-80% carbohydrates and 16-30 fiber. Among micronutrients, the following micronutrients dominate:

  • Potassium
  • Calci
  •  Phosphorus
  •  Magnesium

Canadian ginseng leads the way in terms of quality, utility, taste and scent. With fresh water, extremely low pollution levels, fertile soil and precise farming, ginseng in Ontario - Canada always guaranteed the highest quality

*Phân Loại Nhân Sâm Canada SilverLife Khô Nguyên Củ:

SilverLife's offers 4 types of whole ginseng including:

        1. Premium: is a type of ginseng with very large whole size, each weighs 30g - 45g

Nhân Sâm Canada Nguyên Củ
Nhân Sâm Khô Canada Nguyên Củ

       2. Diamond: Ginseng tubers are large in size, weighing 20 - 30 grams each

       3. Gold: The size of ginseng roots is medium, weighing 12 - 20 grams each

       4. Classic: Kích thước củ trung bình, trọng lượng mỗi củ nặng 8g – 12g

Các Loại Nhân Sâm Canada SilverLife Nguyên Củ
* Classification of SilverLife Whole Dried Canadian Ginseng:

*Cách Sử Dụng Nhân Sâm Khô Nguyên Củ

Dried whole ginseng is often used for alcohol immersion. Canadian ginseng wine soaked drink tonic effect, health promotion, support treatment.

The wine used to soak Canadian ginseng is usually a high concentration of white wine. The soaking time for the wine to be used is 3 months. Canadian ginseng soaked for as long as possible.

In addition, at SilverLife, raw Canadian ginseng is cut or ground into powder for convenient use in processing healthy foods and beverages such as ginseng tea, ginseng tea, ginseng chicken stew, and honey.

*Công Dụng Của Nhân Sâm Khô Canada

According to medicine, Canadian ginseng has effects similar to Korean ginseng, Chinese ginseng. But Canadian ginseng has cool, tonic, and laxative properties, so it can be used for heaters. So Canadian ginseng can be used for people with "debilitating" form of high blood pressure or "yin yang" form with reasonable dosage.

Ginseng Canada are effective when used in the following cases

1. The need to recover quickly after serious illness.

2. People with physical weakness

People who are being treated for cancer with radiation therapy. According to research, Canadian ginseng works to minimize side effects due to cancer treatment by radiation therapy.

Pneumonia, bronchitis

According to Modern Medicine Studies

The main ingredients of Canadian ginseng are: Saponins, which have the following effects:

  • Calmness, anti-stress, alleviate afflictions,
  • Tăng sức bền thể lực, chống mệt mỏi, suy nhược cơ thể,
  • Increase concentration and memory, sedation.
  • Increases the body's stamina in the absence of oxygen, prevents aging.
  • Regulates the cardiovascular system, prevents shock due to depression and blood loss, prevents myocardial anemia and arrhythmia
  • Regulates dyslipidemia
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Strengthen immune function, improve the body's resistance, prevent cancer.

*Ginseng silverLife, your best choice


We sell authentic imported ginseng in Ontario - Canada. SilverLife Ginseng is selected from ginseng tubers that are over 5 years old and have the best quality.

Although the quality of ginseng is the best, but the price of Canadian ginseng is guaranteed to be cheaper than other units on the market.

Come check out our products, try confidently to experience the effects and taste of Original Canadian ginseng

SilverLife Canadian Ginseng Premium

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