Ginseng Roots

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* Features of Dried Canadian Ginseng:

Premium SilverLife Canadian Ginseng
  • Whole dried Canadian Ginseng stem color is brown / light brown, inside is light yellow. The texture of the whole dried ginseng (most of the roots grown in Canada are dried after harvesting to store them for a long time) is quite rough and slightly wrinkled, cylindrical, the bark has a prominent, horizontal ring, lumpy, prominent tuberous rim on head.
  • Typical scent, sweet taste, slightly bitter.
  • Dried ginseng in Canada is usually about 2.5 to 10 centimeters in length, each dried ginseng root weighs 8 grams - 45 grams.

SilverLife's isleading brand in importing and supplying dried Canadian ginseng products in Vietnam. We are committed to supplying premium ginseng, best quality and imported from Ontario - Canada - The famous land growing ginseng around the world.

The total ginsenoside level of panax quinquefolius was grown in different locations

Source: OGGA

In addition to ginsenoside, the analysis shows that ginseng root contains 8-12% protein, 0.3-1.2% fat, 67-80% carbohydrates and 16-30 fiber. Among micronutrients, the following micronutrients dominate:

  • Potassium
  • Calci
  •  Phosphorus
  •  Magnesium

Canadian ginseng leads the way in terms of quality, utility, taste and scent. With fresh water, extremely low pollution levels, fertile soil and precise farming, ginseng in Ontario - Canada always guaranteed the highest quality

*Phân Loại Nhân Sâm Canada SilverLife Khô Nguyên Củ:

SilverLife's offers 4 types of whole ginseng including:

        1. Premium: is a type of ginseng with very large whole size, each weighs 30g - 45g

Nhân Sâm Canada Nguyên Củ
Nhân Sâm Khô Canada Nguyên Củ

       2. Diamond: Ginseng tubers are large in size, weighing 20 - 30 grams each

       3. Gold: The size of ginseng roots is medium, weighing 12 - 20 grams each

       4. Classic: Kích thước củ trung bình, trọng lượng mỗi củ nặng 8g – 12g

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